These are the softwares I contribute to in my free time.


House of Mirrors is a puzzle game. It was originally written because,

  • I wanted to learn scala
  • I was missing Chromatron on Linux. (That was when I didn't know how stable wine had become)


Anthias aims to be a GUI enabled terminal (console). Development stalled, as I am waiting for KDE4 to mature and stabilise. When I started the project back in 2006, I used to compile against KDE4-svn and Qt 4.0, both of which were rapidly evolving.
I should revive this project once KDE 4.1 or 4.2 comes out.

Scala utilities

This project provides simple utility functions that I tend to use often.

execute a system command, and print output on the screen. This is a wrapper around System.runtime.exec
Same as exec, except collect the output into a list
Print the members of o
Print the members of o's immediate class as well as its super-classes

svn pre check

A script that can run regressions whenever a change is submitted to the subversion server. For details see my article: Continuous Improvement


A Scala database connector


Scala mode for Vim
Idea Bag