First Light


Saw the first sight through my telescope, and it was brilliant!

I was able to get a working assembly of my scope late yesterday evening. But the weather yesterday was too bad and I couldn't see a thing.

This morning I got up early and did a quick test. At first I couldn't see a thing, but then realized that the collimation was really bad. After some quick adjustments I was able to get a decently good collimation, and then I pointed the scope around the neighbourhood, and boy! I was stunned by the quality of the result.

I could see a thin wire in the field of view, and it took me some moments to realise that this was an object in somebody's balcony in a far-away apartment!

Boy! Two years of grinding, polishing, planning, gashing, more planning, trips to SP road (in Bangalore), crying, planning, buying, sawing, phone-calls, visits to hardware stores, waiting, waiting…

And at last… the first view! I am feeling really triumphant today.

A lot of people to remember who helped me along the way, directly / indirectly:

  • Pavan. We started the grinding together
  • Vinay, who lended me some Red Rouge
  • Hemanth, for lending me a Sam Brown and a Robert something
  • Pratap, for the discussions on the mirror cell
  • Brahma, many more discussions on the mirror cell. We almost made one, but then I decided to buy this off the shelf.
  • ATM Group India (yahoo group)
  • ATM Orkut community
  • and finally BAS (for the inspiration)

Some details about the current configuration
8.5" diameter, uncoated mirror
72" focal length
25mm Ramsden eye piece, which gives me about 72x zoom
Badly collimated, precariously attached elliptical mirror.

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