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Twitter | A ring to bind them all

Lately, I have noticed myself spending quite some time with Twitter. To me, just as to many other Tweeple, Twitter is a unified way of staying in touch with friends and discovering general news, technology updates, and those sort of things.

Google Reader, which still remains my favourite tool for aggregating various feeds, was my previous "eye" for such updates. However, my Twitter client has been complementing Google Reader slowly and surely for "discovering" information. The convenience of a single stream of data triumphs over the sophistication of site-specific RSS feeds in certain contexts.

Twitter | A deluge

However, all the twitter clients I have used present the stream in a mind-boggling linear fashion. There is no way to skip and skim to the tweets that matter most. For example, I like reading @funnyoneliners but only when I have the luxury of time. Other times I like to skip those jokes and just read what my friends have to say (yeah ok, mostly about what they and their dog had for breakfast today).

tDash | A time saver


I am excited to present

It's an experiment, an attempt, to take Google Reader's organisational ability and apply it to Twitter.

It has been designed for Tweeple who continuously read Twitter. I have strove for a minimalistic design and for ease of use. There are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything; no more frequent lunges at the poor mouse.

It is entirely web-based. No need to install anything. For that matter, no need to uninstall anything if you get bored of it. (Hah! Just try not using it for a week, I challenge thee).

Apart from these there are many little gems hidden in tDash. Gems such as,

  • Mark a tweet as Read. As soon as you select a tweet it gets marked as read and then it magically gets out of your the next time you view that folder. (If you still want to read it again, there is an option for that).
  • Support for Twitter Lists. It's a great way to organise them tweeple. Too big to explain here. Go read this tutorial.
  • Login via OAuth Play safe. Enough said.
  • URL shortening. Yeah, well, this one's is a standard accessory.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here is a quick reference to the keyboard shortcuts available to you. What squeak? Oh yes, that was your mouse sighing a relief.

Key Action
Space Select next unread tweet. If nothing to select in current folder, jumps to next folder
n,N,j or J Select next tweet
p,P,k or K Select previous tweet
s, S Enter / edit your status
r, R Reply to currently selected Tweet
f, F Mark currently selected Tweet as favourite
t, T Retweet the currently selected Tweet
u, U Update (fetch new tweets)

The future

Many more features are on the way even as I type this post. Stay tuned.


The prolific Mayank S has been helping me out with code. The keyboard shortcuts were his contribution. And he has many more plans up his sleeves!

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