Winstone : A minimal servlet container

When I am learning something new, I like to start with basic, simple tools and ideas. When learning servlets, I was quite intimidated by the size of Tomcat and Jetty containers (both the download size and the number of configuration options).

By contrast Winstone's design goal is to be simple and minimal, and it lives up to its promise. The download is about 150kb and I had configured and used it within a few seconds.

Compare that with

  • Tomcat 7Mb
  • Jetty 24Mb

Before you start using it, some caveats:

  • Given Winstone's design goals, there are some limitations in its feature list, and they are listed very diligently on its homepage.
  • The lastest release date is Jan 2008. That either means that the product has matured enough not to require updates, or that development has stalled.